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Reunion Ticket Purchases & PayPal


Q. As the Reunion Event Manager do I need a PayPal Account in order to allow people to buy reunion tickets for our Class Reunion online? 

A. Yes, you can either use a PayPal account you already have or set up a new one - Setting up a PayPal account is free. If you need to set one up click here now.


Q. Can I use my own PayPal account to collect class reunion ticket money?

A. YES - Reunion Manager was developed specifically for this purpose. Reunion Manager does not collect any reunion ticket sale money, it all goes through your own PayPal account each time a reunion ticket is sold instantly.


Q. Can I use PayPal and sell class reunion tickets in my own currency ?

A. YES - Reunion Manager will automatically tell PayPal what currency you want to use when collecting reunion ticket money. Reunion Manager can be used in over 90 different countries that PayPal is available in.


Q. Do Alumni need a PayPal Account to use PayPal to pay for their class reunion tickets ?

A. NO. When they click on the Buy Tickets Now Button and go to PayPal to pay there is an option to Pay Now with out an account using only their Credit/Debit Card, or pay as a guest. (see next question)


Q. What type of paypal account do I need to set up to accept payments online for our class reunion ?

A. There are 3 types of paypal accounts you can set up at paypal for your reunion - Personal - Premier - Business. You need to set up a Premier or Business PayPal account in order to allow alumni to pay without having to open a paypal account. If you only have a Personal Paypal account set up you will need to upgrade (free) it to a Premier account in order to allow alumni to pay for your reunion tickets using Paypal without having to open a paypal account. If you already have a Business paypal account you're all set, just make sure your paypal account is set up to allow this in the account preferences section.

Unless you really need to - DO NOT Open a Non-Profit account for your reunion with PayPal. Be fore warned if you do, they will run you through the ringer trying to get this set up and ask you for everything under the sun accept your first born male son.

Unless your group has more than $25,000 in revenues you don't even have to file a tax return (check with your  accountant) so there is really no need to do it.

you use a Premier Account if setting up for the first time as setting up a Business Account can also be a royal pain in the neck.

PayPal has recently changed the profile area - in order to follow these instructions you will need to select to view your profile prefrences area in the "old" layout format.

Once you have the proper account set up - go to your paypal account profile page and under the Selling Preferences column select the Web Site Payment Preferences and select Yes for PayPal Account Optional

Click Image
Using Paypal for class reunion ticket purchases with Reunion Manager


Q. Can Alumni pay for their class reunion tickets via paypal without opening a paypal Account?

A. Yes - as long as your reunion paypal account has been set up properly (see previous Q & A ) then they do not have to have a paypal account and can just use a credit card. When a Alumni registers and then clicks the Buy Now button they will be taken directly to paypal to complete the reunion ticket payment process. They will see a page like this:

Click Image
using paypal to accept reunion ticket purchases online without opeing a paypal account - reunion manager.

Tell Alumni to click the Continue link in the red area to pay for their reunion tickets at paypal without having to open a paypal account.

That's it !

Once they have completed the payment process at paypal for your reunion tickets online you will receive a confirmation email from paypal. At this point once you receive the paypal confirmation that the reunion ticket has been bought you will need to login to your Reunion Account Manager and mark the Alumni's record as being paid.


Q. Is there any cost for people to use the Reunion Manager to register online for our class reunion?

A. Yes and No - There is NO cost to use the Reunion Manager itself for Alumni to register for your Reunion Event.

However if people are paying for your Reunion Tickets Online using PayPal/Credit Card - Pay Pal itself does charge roughly 2.9% + 30¢ a transaction. So if your reunion tickets are $50 you will receive a net of about $48.25 per ticket.

To cover this fee by including it in your ticket price you will need to divide what you want to receive ($50) by .971 (1.00 - paypal fee of 2.9%) and add .30, so to receive $50 per ticket divide $50 by .971 and add .30 for a ticket price of $51.80 or round it off to $52

An unlimited number of people can register for your Reunion Event.

The convenience factor though out weighs this cost and allows you to get cash in immediately to help pay for the reunion which reduces the amount of money you might otherwise put up out of your own pocket prior to the reunion being held.

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